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Please Make More Female Characters!
Our Games will begin once we get 6 more members!

Blood & Fire is an AU Hunger Games Roleplay set after the 74th Hunger Games. There is no uprising and the Victors will not be going back into the Arena, there will be a different Quell.

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There are no current Victors being played on Blood & Fire

Blood & Fire was created by Tony. The plot was developed by him as well. The current theme was created originally by a member of Hitskin. The major edits were done by Tony, all site graphics by him as well.
Credits of the characters to the members of Blood & Fire, for our site wouldn't be anything without them. Please don't steal, it isn't nice. If you do, we'll get you.


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Lilith G. Drawl
District Two
Lilith G. Drawl

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PostSubject: Drawl, Lilith G.   Drawl, Lilith G. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 4:45 pm


I didn't know it would have to end like this. I really had no idea what would happen afterwards. When I released that arrow, I did it all to protect myself. I was angry, betrayed, and ready to die.
But anger took over me, and made me do things I should of never had. Though a part of me did know there was a possibility of it happening.
I was lost, blind, even if I could see. I couldn't think, or move. I was frozen in my place, until I heard them talk.
"Congratulations to Lilith G. Drawl, Victor of the 64th Hunger Games!"
I never asked for it.

It was no different day for me. The Reaping it might be, yes, but nothing different. I was born to be in this place, every year, until I was reaped. My parents hoped I would never have to go through that, but I knew I would have to face this until I was finally an adult. If I ever got to become one.
For all I knew, I could be dead before I even had the chance to kiss a boy for the first time.

But being from District Two had its benefits. We never fought with the Capitol, that is why we were one of the favourite Districts. One and Two were the most famous, known for they're deadly tributes. It is said that we are trained in academies, so that we will be ready. It is not a lie, really. We are born to be trained so that we can kill. Some do go to said academies, but I always preferred training on my own. Along with my brother, of course.
He was just a year older than me. We were almost the same. The only difference was that he didn't have a heart.

I wasn't nervous for the Reaping. Sometimes, it felt as if my mother was more scared than I was. Even my brother was a coward that day. It made me sick how he could pretend to be strong and ruthless, yet cry like a baby when he was called to fight.
He was lucky though, since there was only a small chance of our names being called up there. We needed no money, so our names were only once in that bowl.

I was wearing a white button down shirt, along with my light blue skirt. I looked like an ordinary girl. Emerald eyes, long black hair, dressed like the rest of the girls as if they had come out of a machine.
She was just one of the others. No difference between them.
And that was how she hoped it would stay, but no. Her fate had another path for her.

A woman dressed in a blue dress that looked threateningly sharp, since it was an animation of an iceberg, came forth, and gave the usual speech.
I was sixteen then, bored of listening to the same thing for the past five years. My brother, just a year older, was not even paying attention. He was too scared to even listen to what the woman was saying.
The speech was cut shortly, and it was time for the tributes to be chosen.
I felt my heart beating faster. I was scared too.

"Ladies first!" The woman made her way towards the bowl with the female names in it. I closed my eyes as her hand dipped into the bowl, her fingers playing around with the folded papers. Could this be any worse?
The woman picked a paper and smiled, before making her way back to the centre, unfolding the paper and reading the name, before calling out.
"Llith Drawl?"
My eyes snapped open, and everyone looked at me. My mother started shaking her head, not believing what had just been said.
Lilith Drawl?" the woman called again.

I took a deep breath and slowly made my way out of the crowd, making my way up there. I kept calm the whole time, my eyes not showing anything. How could I react? I had to be strong and just... survive.
Once I was finally up there, the woman grabbed me by the arm, pulling me closer.
"And now for the boys!"
She was so happy about all this that it made Lil sick. She was sending off people, children, to get killed and she was actually happy about it.

She picked a name, the same way she did for the girls and smiled, before making her way back next to me, unfolding the paper. I couldn't see the name. Until she spoke up again.
"Troy Drawl?"
My eyes widened and I shook my head, my eyes meeting with my brother terrified ones.
"No, please no," I said, but no one heard me. Troy made his way up and everything went by so quickly. My mother had fainted and I couldn't even say goodbye. I wasn't just sent off to kill. I was sent off to kill my own brother.

Surprisingly, I wasn't good with a sword, knife, axe, or any other weapon you would expect a Tribute from District Two to be good at. I had my special bow and arrows. My Bow was designed in a way, that it made my arrow spin that fast, that it actually pierced a person's body, and my arrows were poisoned. Once it pierced the person's body, death would come soon after.

We had gone to the Capitol, along with our Mentors, Derek who was Nineteen, and Peter who was Twenty Three. District Two had won many times, and once they saw my abilities, they believed that we would surely be having a chance this time.
They did like me a lot, but my brother, not so much. They kept training us both, but I was getting more attention than my brother. Especially by Peter, which was surprising. He was always there for me, most of the time being the only one training me and advising me, since Derek was busy with my brother.

When the evaluation time had come, I can't say I really had any idea of what I was doing. I just walked in there, head held high, and with an empty look. I didn't have much to show anyway. I was sent to die, and if not, I would have to see my brother die.
I picked up my bow, something that surprised most, since our weapons were usually swords, knives, these kinds of things. But I was better with a bow. I could aim with my eyes closed. I was too bloody good, and for no point.

I made my way to the centre, standing in front of the plastic doll, my eyes focused on that target. I grabbed an arrow and took a deep breath, placing it on my bow and glancing up at them. Though, I did something they didn't expect. I turned my back to the doll, placing the bow behind my back. Everyone started laughing, not believing I would make such a shot.
But I closed my eyes and focused. I blocked out their laughter, and all I could think of was the target. Releasing the arrow, it hit right in the middle of the target, making everyone gasp.
I didn't even turn around to smile, I just let my bow in its place and left with my head held high. I received a 12 for that, the first in years, if ever.
My brother had received a 9, and was pretty angry at me. That moment I knew that everyone was afraid of me, and I was also the first target.

It was finally time for the Games, but I knew the odds would never be in my favor.
As we landed in the Arena, I couldn't believe it. It was a mire. A Deep Forest. My eyes were glued to the countdown. Once I heard a canon, I immediately ran, not looking back to see where my brother was. I grabbed the first bow and arrows I found along with a backpack and started running. At some point, I felt my leg sting and looked down to see that I had a big scratch down my left thigh.
Sighing, I kept going deeper into the forest, trying to cover any trails I had left.

Not many died that day. Only the younger ones, the age of thirteen and fourteen. The boys from seven, eleven and twelve, and the girls from eight and nine.
I kept hiding. That was all I mostly did. Hiding, and sneaking up on them whenever I could.
I was supposed to be the killer there, the trained one, but I had to see their weaknesses first.

The next morning, I woke up to the feeling of excruciating pain. Something was biting on my leg and I woke up to see a gigantic lizard on my leg. I growled and kicked it off, trying to stand up but it was useless. I couldn't move my leg.
The lizard looked at me like I was food and I tried to reach for my bow but it kicked it away with its tail. That moment I knew I was dead, until a knife was stuck at the back of the lizard's head.
I looked behind the lizard to see my brother and he rushed to my side.
"Damn it, Lil! Stay alive!"
He handed me something and quickly left, leaving me wondering what the hell was going on. How come my brother had sponsors and I had nothing?
Talk about getting a twelve.

I applied whatever that was he gave me on my leg and groaned. I stayed there, my stomach growling. I needed food, yet I couldn't move my leg.
That's when I saw a boy making his way to me, but it wasn't my brother. Though what surprised me was that he didn't attack me. He sat next to me and placed some fruits next to me.
I looked at him curiously and he smiled.
"Sinto. District One. At your services."
He was so cheeky that it made me smirk. He was hot too, dark haired and deep blue eyes.
"Why should I trust you?" I asked with a small smirk. He only winked at me and ripped most of my pants off, grabbing some gauze out of his own backpack. He wrapped it around my wound and smiled at me.

We had become friends. Allies, basically. But he had achieved in stealing a few touches and kisses from me. He was seventeen, and when I had asked him why, he said "I am going to die here. I know I am. So why not enjoy the little freedom I have?"
I thought he was crazy, since everyone was watching, and they barely knew each other, but I did like him. More than like him, actually.

Three more days passed, and yet, there were still some people alive.
The girls from one, seven, ten, eleven and twelve were dead, along with the boys from three, four, eight, nine and ten.
Only nine more people in the game. I didn't know how much more I would last. This was torture.
Thankfully, both Sinto and I had sponsors. He had got an eleven at the evaluation, making it easier for him. We had food and anything else we might needed in no time.

Day 5, and we were still trying to survive. There was a thunder going on, and I was freezing to death. We had found some kind of cave with Sinto and hid there, but we were still shivering.
"You know, if we were naked we would warm up easier."
I wanted to laugh at how he was trying to make me sleep with him. "Is this how you are planning to persuade me into sleeping with you?"
He laughed and moved closer. "Is it working?"
"No." I lied.
He shook his head and kissed me once before moving away to make a fire. He was killing me, making everything harder.

That night we heard five canons. The girls from three, four, five and six, and the boy from six. That left me, Sinto, my brother Troy and the boy from Five.
Things were getting rougher. I knew that the time would come that I would have to lose Sinto, and I just... couldn't.

The next day it was the final fight. We were ready to face them, and were supposed to sneak up on them, but they found us first.
"Little sister... look at you. You are still alive. Such a shame you won't be for long."
It turned out that my brother had betrayed me, and had made an alliance with the boy from five, who had kill the girl from his own District.
Troy attacked me and Sinto pushed me away, fighting with Troy to protect me. I quickly pulled myself up, but it was too late.
Troy had pushed his sword into Sinto, making me scream.
I grabbed one of my special arrows, quickly placing it on my bow and releasing it. Both, my brother and the other boy were in the same line. The arrow pierced both their bodies, the poison showing effects already. I had killed my own brother, and was crying over the body of the person I loved.
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PostSubject: Re: Drawl, Lilith G.   Drawl, Lilith G. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 6:02 pm


Hello EVA and welcome to Blood & Fire! Here at B&F we love new members, so don't be afraid to pop into the chatbox, and introduce yourself in the Introductions forum! Now you may claim your Face, post your Plot Page, and get to Roleplaying! If you have any questions, please ask!

- The Administration
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Drawl, Lilith G.
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