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Please Make More Female Characters!
Our Games will begin once we get 6 more members!

Blood & Fire is an AU Hunger Games Roleplay set after the 74th Hunger Games. There is no uprising and the Victors will not be going back into the Arena, there will be a different Quell.

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There are no current Victors being played on Blood & Fire

Blood & Fire was created by Tony. The plot was developed by him as well. The current theme was created originally by a member of Hitskin. The major edits were done by Tony, all site graphics by him as well.
Credits of the characters to the members of Blood & Fire, for our site wouldn't be anything without them. Please don't steal, it isn't nice. If you do, we'll get you.

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 [OPEN] When Blue Birds Fly

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Blakely N. Younger
District Twelve
Blakely N. Younger

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PostSubject: [OPEN] When Blue Birds Fly   Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:56 pm

Blakely learned soon that the Reaping was almost here. In just a few short weeks, he'd be heading to the Town Square to face his fate. This year was a Quell. What if the Quell automatically made him go in to the Arena? What would he say to his parents? His friends? How would they take it? How woul he?

Blakely sat in the shade of a tree isolated from the streets of Twelve, on a grassland, thinking about his plan to win.

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[OPEN] When Blue Birds Fly
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