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Please Make More Female Characters!
Our Games will begin once we get 6 more members!

Blood & Fire is an AU Hunger Games Roleplay set after the 74th Hunger Games. There is no uprising and the Victors will not be going back into the Arena, there will be a different Quell.

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There are no current Victors being played on Blood & Fire

Blood & Fire was created by Tony. The plot was developed by him as well. The current theme was created originally by a member of Hitskin. The major edits were done by Tony, all site graphics by him as well.
Credits of the characters to the members of Blood & Fire, for our site wouldn't be anything without them. Please don't steal, it isn't nice. If you do, we'll get you.


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Vaughan J. Embers
District Three
Vaughan J. Embers

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PostSubject: Embers, Vaughan J.   Embers, Vaughan J. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 8:31 pm




I couldn't even see the fire. It was so far away. I just heard yelling. And screams of pain. They were burned, and I was saved. I am Vaughan Jonathan Embers. The Victor of the 55th Hunger Games.
District three. Not must to talk about around here. We're the Capitol's technical support. We don't get out much unless you want. We pretty much know everything, so it's not a big deal if you miss a day of school. The Peacekeepers don't keep track. Mostly because if you're not at school, you're at the laboratory, making new electronics. Or you're at home brainstorming ideas. The District is sort of medium sized. Everyone for the most part I believe is in the same financial situations. Not broke, but not rich. Just making ends meet is all we do around here. You'd think we'd get more money or less bills to pay because we are one of the most important industries when it comes to the Capitol's needs. They don't think about how they treat us at all. They put us in cages like rats, make us run, then set us free when there done. Every once in a while in that cage, they give us a piece of cheese. A small, piece of cheese. That will last us for about an hour, when we beg for more by slowing down.The day of the Reaping. I'm only twelve years old. My name is going in for the first time today, once. My mother told me I didn't have to claim tesserae because she didn't want to make my chances higher because as I said before it was my first time in the Reaping. I had on a plaid white, burgundy, and black shirt, with solid black slacks, black socks, and black shoes that were shined before by my mother. My father became an avox long before I was born. I'm not sure of the reason though. Anyhow, my little brother, who was only 5 years old at the time had no idea what was even going on. He was with my mother, because the Peacekeepers wanted the kids to be kept under control when they played the video. I wasn't really worried about being reaped because the older kids had their names in 10 and 20 times so why would I need to worry?
A lady with bright yellow hair, which was unnatural, pink eyes, unnatural as well, and white pearly teeth walked up to the mike smiling wide. She welcomed us to the Reaping. Then we watched the video, she commentated on it, and then she said "It's time to pick our young woman to be District Three's Tribute." She walked carefully, because she had on heels, towards the Reaping Bowl. She reached her hand in and took a folded and sealed piece of paper out. She opened it and read the name: "Diadem Horada." A girl, who had to be at least 17 or 18 walked towards the stage. Her golden locks were curled, as if she knew the occasion of her being reaped was a great chance. She most likely had her name in their multiple times. Diadem faced us. She showed no emotion. It was like she was ready to win. Ready to face the Arena. Then the woman walked over to the bowl with the boy's names, and picked a name. Her voice rang like a bell when she said "Vaughan Embers." All of the other kids looked at me in awe, as they saw my facial expression go blank. "Come on now sweetie," she said. I walked towards the stage at a normal pace. The woman smiled, and turned me around. "District Three, your Tributes!" she exclaimed. The people had no reaction, except my mother who was crying, and what seemed to maybe be Diadem's mother because the woman was crying. However she could've been crying out of sympathy for the both of us, not sure.
Me and my mother said our farewells. She told me "Don't ever let them tell you differently. Baby, you are strong. You are bold. You are made of Embers, you are burning." At the time, I had no idea what she meant, but I knew it was something good. After this, we made our way to the Capitol where we trained. And trained, and trained. I received a score of 7. Which wasn't bad, because of my age and coming from District Three, I wasn't really exposed to a lot of this, so I was satisfied. My mentor, Darren who was 20 years old, smiled when I received my score. He had won a while ago. Meaning that our District hadn't won in a while.
As we rose into the Arena, I could feel heat. Not a normal heat from the sun. This was closer. Almost too close. I began to feel like I wasn't going to make it out of the Cornucopia. From what I knew of the other Tributes, I was the youngest. There was a 13 year old girl from Ten, but that was it. All the others were at least 15. Meaning that they could all take me out. Easy. The Careers looked fierce. I stopped thinking and looked at my surrounding as my pedestal stopped moving. I smelled ash. Burnt ground. I finally realized. We were at the bottom of a volcano. I knew that this was going to hurt. The Cornucopia was a huge golden horn and around it seemed to be mostly hiking gear. I saw around us that there were deep forests, but they were rainforests. Was this really what the Gamemakers came up with? It was real. The gong rang and I sped towards the center of the field we were in with all my might. I grabbed a small backpack, threw it on me, and somehow got out of there. I think it was because I was small, but when I escaped, I saw Tributes scattered. One of them was the 14 year old girl from 10. I saw blood splattered on the used-to-be beautiful trees. I had a feeling this game was going to be quick.
It began to get dark. That day 14 Tributes died. I looked in the sky from under the shrubs I had, and saw that all of 7-12, and 5 were dead. That means only 1-4 and 6 were alive. That's only 10. On the first day. Of my years being alive, this was the first ever Games I saw were 14 Tributes died on the first day. I woke up on Day two. It was early. I heard running and yelling coming towards me. I was behind the tree. I heard a thud in the tree, and then what sounded like a body slowly sliding down. Then "Boom" A Canon, then anotehr canon. 8. I knew it was the 6's. Were the Careers really taking over this Games? This is what the Capitol wants? My thought was cut off by them talking. "We need to get--" I stayed quiet, as they were not aware of my presence, they were turned the opposite Direction. I ran swiftly and quietly to a tree farther away, making sure they didn't see me each time. Night drew close. "Attention Tributes. For the first time ever in the History of the Games, 16 Tributes have died in the first two days. Congratulations 1 2 an--" He stopped talking like he was interrupted.
The next morning, I woke up to the sound of "BOOM". Then another. Then 3 more. 21 dead. But then I smelled something burning. A spark came in the sky, and fell down and hit my hand. It burned a little, it was and Ember. From a fire, or.. the Volcano. I was wondering who was still alive when I ran quickly towards the direction of where the Careers had come from, and I heard Diadem and the D1 Male arguing. "You tried to kill him in his sleep!" she yelled. "No I didn't! You're lying!" "I saw you with my own eyes!" "Maybe you need glasses." Then he swung his sword and she threw her axe. It hit his head, and I was happy. Now.. Wait. It was just me and her. Now we'd have to fight each other. Then I saw both of them fall. I only saw one side of her, but on the other side, he had slit her throat. My mouth dropped wide open. "Congratulations to Vaughan J. Embers! You have won the 55th Hunger Games and you are the Victor!" the announcer said.
I couldn't believe it. I really wanted her to win, if I had to die, she was going to win. But she fought, for me. I saw the tape, and the boy she was talking about, was me. Diadem, I owe you one, rest in peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Embers, Vaughan J.   Embers, Vaughan J. Icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2014 8:50 pm


Hello TONY and welcome to Blood & Fire! Here at B&F we love new members, so don't be afraid to pop into the chatbox, and introduce yourself in the Introductions forum! Now you may claim your Face, post your Plot Page, and get to Roleplaying! If you have any questions, please ask!

- The Administration
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Embers, Vaughan J.
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